Exploring the Best Beaches in Sarasota County

From Siesta Beach to Caspersen Beach - explore Sarasota County's diverse mix of sun and fun! Learn about wheelchair rentals & more.

Exploring the Best Beaches in Sarasota County

With more than 35 miles of beaches, Sarasota County is a top destination for residents and visitors year-round. From the world-famous Siesta Beach to secluded spots like Caspersen Beach, there's a relaxing spot in the sun for everyone. For added convenience, there are businesses nearby that offer wheelchair rentals on the beach every day, week and month. Sarasota County reminds all beach lovers to pack and pack all items they bring to the area's beaches, as part of a community effort to keep shorelines free of garbage. Every beach is different, and some are better suited to certain activities.

So if you're planning a trip to Sarasota and want to visit the beaches that are right for you, read on for some key details and an overview of the best beaches in the area. Siesta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sarasota County. This beach offers easy access and a host of great amenities, such as chair and umbrella rentals, food stalls, a nearby restaurant, and more. There is also a communal pool on Lido Beach, which is open most of the year.

Access to the pool costs a few dollars, but if you're interested in swimming and relaxing with family or friends, it's a good place to do it.Venice Beach in Sarasota is a very special place and new visitors are amazed when they see what makes this beach so special. You'll also have a great opportunity to spot many species of seabirds on this Sarasota beach, as well as the chance to spy on some sea turtles. Longboat Key is another great beach in Sarasota County. If you're looking for one of the purest, cleanest, and most pristine beaches in all of Florida, Longboat Key is the place to visit. There are many great beaches in and around Sarasota, with several dozen miles of coastline to enjoy in this area. Duval County's restrictions on its partially open beaches are very similar to those in Sarasota County, but they have time slots.

Although Sarasota County beaches are open, parking lots aren't. Less parking means fewer people, at least that's the hope behind the decision to reduce initial crowds. The announcement of Phase 1 of DeSantis for the reopening of Florida, Sarasota County has updated operations when it comes to its beaches. The beaches will only be open for “essential activities” and you won't be able to lie on the beach, sunbathe, or hang out with an ice maker and tent. Six islands border Sarasota's extensive coastline, each of which reveals its own personality, recreational options and natural beauty. The Sarasota Classic Car Museum also works to educate the public about the history of the automobile and what the future may bring to the industry.

Excursions: While visits to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum are mostly self-guided, guided tours by volunteer teachers are offered for school and community groups. The Sarasota Opera House serves as a congregation venue for several theatrical events, from opera, symphony and popular music concerts to classical ballet, comedy shows, plays and film festivals. Sun, sand and water are three things Sarasota has in abundance, but not all Sarasota beaches are the same. Whether you're looking to hit the waves to surf and swim, or just walk or lounge on the beach with a good book and some sunscreen, Sarasota is the perfect place to create memories by the sea.

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