Is it Affordable to Live in Sarasota, Florida?

Learn about the cost of living and housing prices in Sarasota Florida compared to other major cities. Discover the advantages of living in Sarasota such as no state income tax and strong healthcare system.

Is it Affordable to Live in Sarasota, Florida?

For such a beautiful location, Sarasota is also incredibly affordable. Compared to other major cities, Sarasota has a lot to offer at an affordable price and, as a bonus, there is no state income tax. When it comes to the housing market, Amaryllis Park scores below average in terms of transportation. Several factors can influence venue choice, such as demographics, nearby schools, services, local community, and more.

Mid Town average scores in terms of transportation. Some errands can be done on foot. Warm Mineral Springs scores below average in terms of transportation. Almost every errand requires a car.

When considering the cost of living and housing prices, both are a bit steep in Sarasota, 2.6% above Tampa, just an hour north. Home prices rose even higher, costing 21% more than in Tampa. Petersburg and Clearwater residents have it even easier compared, with a cost of living 4% lower than Sarasota and housing costs 20% cheaper. One of Sarasota's most fascinating neighborhoods is Towles Court Artist Colony, a downtown bungalow district on brick-lined streets, founded in the 90s as a live-work haven for artists.

With a bustling art scene, beautiful beaches, and a thriving business center, Sarasota is a magnet for people looking to move. Sarasota also has a strong healthcare system, with great hospitals and a reasonable resident-to-doctor rate. The stunning beaches are of course the main attraction for visitors to the Sarasota area, with golf coming in second place. Serving more than 43,000 students, Sarasota County schools consistently score high, ranking a respectable seventh among state districts by SchoolDigger.

If you are looking to buy a home and are on a budget, it helps to know the cheapest places to live in Sarasota County. The medical industry is a big employer in Sarasota, as are grocery stores and law enforcement agencies. Whether you're making Sarasota your permanent home or just spending a week enjoying the beach, you'll feel welcome and right at home. Sarasota County Child Care Centers come in programs, costs, and sizes to fit all preferences and budgets.

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