Is Sarasota the Best Place to Live in the US?

Sarasota has been honored by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best places to live in the US due to its attractiveness, quality of life and cost of living.

Is Sarasota the Best Place to Live in the US?

Beautiful beaches, warm weather and enviable recreational and cultural amenities make Sarasota one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. It has been honored by U. S. News & World Report as the Best Place to Live in the US, and also landed on two other US top 10 charts.

The rankings are determined based on several factors developed by the media company: quality of life; labor market; desirability, which asks if people want to move to a place; net migration, which determines whether people are already moving somewhere, and value, which includes the cost of living. Despite its high housing costs, Sarasota remained in ninth place as last year. At a summit last month, experts said more record heat, crippling humidity and more powerful hurricanes are expected in Florida for the next few years with continued warming patterns. The state is already home to the 10 hottest cities in the country, now has an average of 25 days of dangerous heat with a heat index of 105 degrees.

By 2050, there are expected to be 130 such days each year, more than in any other state, according to Climate Central. But there are signs that the market may not continue to sizzle as much with the increasingly common price drops in homes for sale, according to real estate data. A series of controversial laws brought international attention to the state, including a government battle involving Disney World. New poll finds bipartisan majority of Americans uncomfortable with the latter and the implications of freedom of expression, says Forbes magazine.

Some of that has led to jokes about the stigma of the Florida Man by comedians and late-night television shows. Florida's many miles of beaches and well-respected winters can help overcome that for northerners stuck in the snow in the cold months and who still see Florida as an alternative. Last month, Sarasota was also ranked by the magazine as No. 2 for the second year in a row for fastest growing place in the US. It is also the third fastest growing place in the country, according to the magazine. If you're looking for an unforgettable dining experience, head to Indigenous restaurant in downtown Sarasota.

Right outside the restaurant, you'll find an old banyan tree that Thomas Edison gave to Sarasota developer Owen Burns, which is an attraction in itself. Sarasota is a fun and vibrant city that always has something interesting, whether it's a small flea market or the popular Christmas parade. Known for good reason as Florida's Cultural Coast, the Sarasota area is rich in artistic options, from elegant performing arts centers to independent galleries and dance companies. With a total population of more than 600,000, Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties form Florida's seventh-largest market and third-fastest-growing market. As you might expect for a vacation paradise with a growing population throughout the year, prices for almost everything are a little higher in Sarasota than in other Florida cities, except in ultra-exclusive locations like Palm Beach and Naples. In addition to being a thriving market, Sarasota attracts many tourists and relocations due to its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, abundance of attractions and activities and first-class services. If you're not in that group, there are some areas relatively close to Sarasota that offer more affordability.

With its excellent restaurants and shops among its many attractions, Sarasota is an ideal place for retirees or anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.

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