Living in Sarasota, FL: Pros and Cons

Sarasota FL is a great place to settle down offering a warm climate high-quality healthcare tons of attractions and a surprisingly affordable cost of living But there are some downsides to consider

Living in Sarasota, FL: Pros and Cons

Sarasota, FL is a great place to settle down, offering a warm climate, high-quality healthcare, tons of attractions and a surprisingly affordable cost of living. However, there are some downsides to living in this city that should be taken into consideration. Rental costs are high in the Sarasota area, traffic can be disruptive during the winter months, hurricanes and tropical storms continue to be a hazard, and moisture during the summer months can make the outside stifling. On the other hand, there are some great benefits to living in Sarasota.

There are no state income taxes in Florida, making it a great place to settle down. In addition, the property tax rate is excellent and competitive with the rest of the country. Whenever you move, there is always a risk that the closure will not take place when you arrive at your new home. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to rent a storage unit before you arrive.

Sarasota also offers plenty of fun things to do outdoors and access to quality healthcare is especially important for those looking to retire and live in Sarasota. Most parts of Sarasota are built with reinforcements that make them capable of withstanding strong winds, which can be a great boon in harsher storms. Between rent and food, a salary of 30,000 may not be enough to cover the minimum cost of living in Sarasota. Not surprisingly, the first golf course in Sarasota and the state of Florida was built by a property developer.

Sarasota has incredible art museums and the Also Museum which preserves wonderful visual and performing arts. According to the most recent statistics, about 28 billionaires in properties in or around the Sarasota region. While everyone can benefit from excellent medical care, many Sarasota residents are elderly and require better, more regular care. With all the incredible things Sarasota has to offer, one would be forgiven if you thought that the prices for living here are soaring. Not living in Sarasota, FL list of pros and cons would be complete without the mention of the traffic problem.

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