When are Sarasota Property Taxes Due? A Comprehensive Guide

Learn when Sarasota County property taxes are due and how to pay them. Find out about discounts for early payment and where to go for help.

When are Sarasota Property Taxes Due? A Comprehensive Guide

Property taxes in Sarasota County, Florida, are paid in arrears, meaning they are due on March 31 of the following year. However, homeowners receive a 1% discount for each month they pay in advance. So those who pay in November receive a 4% discount. Tax bills are sent the first week of November each year.

This is the period of time in which the property appraiser, on behalf of all tax authorities, mails the proposed Property Tax Notices and the proposed or adopted non-ad valorem assessments (also called the TRIM Notice) to all property owners. The notice includes the taxes proposed to be evaluated by each taxing authority, the dates of public hearings, and the new current market value and assessed value of your property. The Sarasota County Property Assessor delivers the certified tax list to the Tax Collector and the Florida Department of Revenue. Properties within the county are valued by the property appraiser's office based on their state as of this date each year.

Real estate taxes in Florida are for the calendar year and are paid on November 1 of that year. Sarasota County Tax Collector Barbara Ford-Coates has four offices located throughout Sarasota County. These offices can help with filing tangible personal property returns with the Property Appraiser's Office, paying parking tickets, and paying property taxes. It is important to note that Sarasota County is not responsible for the content of external sites. Thank you for visiting Sarasota County, FL.

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